VMware vSphere learning paths

These days there is plenty of training for all things vSphere. The issue has become what is a good path to either a specific certification or simply learning because you want to become more proficient with day-2 administrative activities. A colleague came to me the other day with this delema so I decided to put together a quick list of free and paid training resources.

VMware Hands on Labs can be a useful free tool in learning about many different VMware products in a safe isolated environment. The following are a couple useful labs for learning more about vSphere.

HOL-1910-01-SDC - Virtualization 101: Introduction to vSphere
HOL-1911-91-SDC - vSphere 6.7 Lightning Lab
HOL-1911-01-SDC - What's New in VMware vSphere 6.7
HOL-1911-02-SDC - VMware vSphere with Operations Management - Getting Started
HOL-1911-03-SDC - VMware vSphere with Operations Management - Advanced Topics
HOL-1911-04-SDC - VMware vSphere Security - Getting Started
HOL-1911-05-SDC - VMware vSphere Automation - PowerCLI

VMware Learning Zone provides some free and paid on demand classes.

All VMware vSphere classes

VMware ICM
One of these following classes are required for a VCP certification

VMware ICM Fast Track
Additional material is taught in this class compared to the ICM class. The classes also typically run from 8AM to 6PM for the week.

VMware vSphere Operations
These are not required but can help with the test although the focus is on day-2 administrative tasks on the vSphere platform.

Certification Learning Paths.
This will provide you the path you need to follow to obtain a certification.

Other resources include blogs and community forums. Purchasing VMUG Advantage provides lab licenses for most VMware products. Building a ‘HomeLab’ can be a good way to practice without using the corporate environment to practice on. Also, your company may not own licenses for all products and all features of those products where VMUG Advantage does provide full featured licensing.

VMUG Advantage (there are codes all over the interwebs for 10% off)

List of blogs and other resources

Hope these help you in your VMware journey!


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